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Selling on eBay

Imagine the scene.  After a much-needed wardrobe clear out you find yourself with a pile of clothes that are now surplus to requirements.  So what do you do with them? Bag them up for charity? Throw them in the bin?Leave them in a pile creating a less than attractive “floordrobe”? Of course not, you sell them on eBay!  After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?

So, now you’ve decided on the appropriate course of action, you decide to sit down and do a little research to see how much these items might just actually get you.  You sit down, enter the search “women's t-shirts” for example and in less than a second you are inundated with thousands of results, sound familiar?! We thought so. This, of course, is great for a buyer but not so much for a seller who wants to be seen, because even the keenest of buyers will soon get sick of scrolling through thousands of listings. 

So how do you make yours more appealing?  

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Chances are the buyer already has in mind what they are looking for, so it’s vitally important to attract the right audience with the correct use of keywords.  We want to be the listing that pops up that answers the buyer's prayers. 

Keywords are the holy grail of eBay.  They are your chance to be seen, your chance to tell the buyer exactly what they will be bidding on without even clicking onto the description, keywords are your best friend, so if you’re not sure what will work, stick with us, we’ll show you the ropes. 

Did you know?  Buyers have the option to search both title and description when entering keywords, so this is a fantastic opportunity to increase visibility.  Although a t-shirt might be “lightweight”, “pretty”, “stylish”, “fashionable”, “perfect for summer” etc, these are not words that many users will search for.  Instead, you need to think like a buyer when describing the item so something like “Zara t-shirt, white t-shirt, size 12, Medium, New/BNWOT/BNWT/Worn Once/Excellent Condition/VGC”  This way you are more likely to attract the right audience and ultimately a bag yourself a sale.  

eBay Demystified 

If you’ve read the above and are now wondering what the weird abbreviations are, then you’re not alone.  eBay seems to have created its own jargon so unless you’re in the know it can be a minefield so let's decode the most popular abbreviations as these are great little space saves when characters are tight:

  • BNWT - Brand New With Tags
  • BNWOT - Brand New Without Tags
  • NWT - New With Tags
  • NWOT - New Without Tags
  • BNIB - Brand New In Box
  • BNWOB - Brand New Without Box
  • VGC - Very Good Condition
  • HTF - Hard To Find
  • NR - No Reserve

eBay Description

So you’ve attracted the right audience, they click onto your listing to view the full description so this is where the magic happens.  A clear and concise description gives the buyer all the information they need to decide whether to make a bid or not. Keep it simple and informative, in a straight forward format that is easy to digest.  Don’t waste your time writing an essay, just the main features, and remember do not lie. Don’t claim it is new if it has been worn, always mention any imperfections and better still back these up with a photo because one thing these buyers are not, is stupid.  If they receive an item that is not as described then that only leaves you wide open for negative feedback which will have a huge impact on your profile and drastically reduce your chances of selling anything in the future.

Tips and Advice for Selling Clothes on eBay

Here we have compiled a list of helpful advice that will get you noticed for all the right reasons:

  • Quality photos and plenty of them.  Find the best lighting and stay consistent, it will give your profile a much cleaner appearance.
  • Always use full character limit on the title especially, more is more when it comes to eBay.
  • Sell by season.  Got a pair of shorts to sell but it’s November?  Keep them to one side until Spring/Summer next year where you are more likely to generate higher interest. 
  • Build your feedback to become a trusted seller, this, in turn, will help you climb the rankings to the top.
  • Have a look over the “sold listings” from the Show Only filter on the left-hand side.  This will give you an insight into how similar items are selling in terms of interest, bids etc. 
  • Attract attention with a low starting bid, 99p is always a winner.  People love a bargain and will often outbid each other to get the best deal but then end up bidding more to win the “99p” t-shirt.
  • As mentioned earlier, don’t waste your time trying to sell poor quality clothes, the only thing you will get from this is negative feedback.
  • Consider the end time, the evening is best.  You may struggle to sell items that finish during the day due to other commitments eg work, school runs etc.
  • Get the buyers attention by offering free postage, you could always include it in the price to make up for it.
  • Go the extra mile.  A transparent description, lots of photos and friendly demeanour go a long way.

How to Sell Customised Clothes on eBay 

If you’re struggling to sell an item of clothing at face value and you have a flair for all things creative, then say hello to your new favourite obsession, customising clothes!  A guaranteed way to make your profile stand out in a few easy steps:

  1. Research - Whether you want to follow a trend or create your own, it’s a good idea to do a little research to see what sells.
  2. Keep an open mind - Just because mermaids and unicorns aren’t your things, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate them.  Remember you are designing for others, not yourself.
  3. Be unique with designs and application - While it’s a good idea to check out sellers items, it’s never a good idea to copy.  After all, you want to stand out from the crowd, not follow it.

Designing your Own Custom Patches

Who, me?  Yes, you! If your crafty skills are beginning to take off and you would like to venture into the mind-blowing world of custom patches then you’re in the right place!  There are 2 types of patches available here at The Enamel Pin Factory, custom iron on patches and custom embroidered patches, both of which offer outstanding results.  Working with many well-known brands, we have worldwide success, so if this is the next step in your custom career then why not let us take the stress out of bringing your designs to life and contact one of our friendly team members for expert advice.

Tips for Designing Your Own Custom Patches

Custom patches are all about getting yourself, your logo or your designs noticed, so whether it’s work or play, dare to be different with these top tips:

  • Be bold, now is the time to showcase your design skills.
  • Don't be afraid of colour clashes, make a statement.
  • Contrasting borders will define the patch, making it stand out on application.
  • Choose up to 9 colours at no extra cost.
  • Keep any fonts in a simple format, this will make them easier to read.

Looking for some help designing your own custom creations? Get in touch with a member of the Enamel Pin Factory team to see how we can bring your patch designs to life. Happy Selling!