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Each enamel pin is individually made by hand meaning they are all unique in their own right, so you should always expect some variation in your batch of pins.

All enamel pins go through rigorous quality checking before they leave the factory, but you should not expect your whole order to be 100% perfect with no flaws or minor imperfections. Remember, these are intricate, handmade products.

We have created this handy little table, so that you know what is and isn’t acceptable in the enamel pin world.



Small areas of Dust, fibres, bubbles within enamel                      

Missing / chipped enamel

Uneven enamel/ glitter/ thin enamel

Variation in colour used in same product

Overspill enamel

Highly Tarnished

Slight variation in Pantone colour

Missing cut outs

Minor variation from previous order

Broken fixing

Some slight scratching

Fixing position makes the pin hang upside down

Minor flashing on the edges


Insubstantial variation in clutch position



It is worth noting that many people sell their flawed pins as ‘seconds’ and still make a profit from them! From personal experience, we can say that saving your seconds up and having a second’s sale is a great way to increase traffic to your shop because everyone loves a bargain!

We would expect the vast majority of your order to reach you in a great condition but if you’re not happy then please drop us an email with some super useful pics to and we’ll do our very best to resolve the issue.


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