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How to make patches

Our custom patches are a great choice for businesses, brands and organisations looking for unique merchandise. Whether they’re attached to jackets, bags or other clothing, patches are great for sharing messages, promoting events or simply showing off your own creative designs. At Enamel Pin Factory, we make embroidered custom patches with either iron-on or non-adhesive backing. Our team has worked with worldwide brands, so we know a thing or two about how to make patches, from advising on design to ensuring the finished product is 100%.

Whether you fancy making patches yourself, or you’re wondering how we create custom patches, in this guide we’re going to take you through it step by step!

How to make iron-on patches

Iron on patches are probably the most popular style of patch to make, mainly because they take less effort to attach! To create your own iron-on patch you need your artwork, photo transfer paper, a printer, iron & ironing board, scissors, fabric and paper backed fusible web. 

The easiest way to create an iron-on patch is using an Inkjet printer, although if you’re handy with a sewing machine you can also create your own designs by hand. To save time, simply upload a picture of the design you want to create to your computer, ensuring you take a good photo to retain picture quality. 

Resize the image to the size you need using a photo editing program and load the printer with photo transfer paper. Print out your image and leave to dry. 

Using an iron and ironing board, place the transfer image over the fabric you want to add the design to. Following the heat and time instructions on the paper packaging, transfer the image over, peel off and allow it to dry on the fabric.

Make your patches ‘stick’ 

Once your design is dry, you’re ready to mount it ready for application. Cut your design to the size you require and place on the sticky side of a sheet of paper backed fusible web. Press down firmly to ensure that the design is ‘stuck’ to the web. Some types of fusible web require you to iron the design to the sticky paper so make sure you read the instructions before starting!

Apply pressure starting at the middle and working outwards to the edges, taking care to ensure there are no bubbles. Once you’re happy that it’s fully secure, cut the design out and leave the backing paper on.

Now you’re ready to attach your patch to your clothing. Once you have worked out the placement, remove the protective backing paper and press the patch firmly onto the clothing.

Heat the iron to it’s highest cotton setting and place a towel over the patch, this protects the design from any residue that may be on the iron itself which also ensures your patch doesn’t melt! Press the iron down onto the patch for 10-15 seconds, leave to cool and check the edges to see if you can peel it off. If you can, repeat the process again until it doesn’t move.

Once you know how to make your own iron-on patches, the possibilities are endless. Alternatively, why not let us do the hard work for you? Our team is ready and waiting to bring your patch designs to life, with plenty of options to customise your designs. Find out more about our custom embroidered patches today.