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Uses For Custom Patches

Posted on June 26 2019

Uses For Custom Patches

If you’re thinking of adding new lines to your current online store, why not consider embroidered patches? Patches have made a come back since their 90s heyday and now, you can create unique designs that can be attached to all kinds of fabrics. If you want to get on board with the custom iron-on patches trend, we have you covered. At The Enamel Pin Factory, our experienced team have worked with brands across the globe to create unique patch designs and our easy to follow design process will have your patches created in no time. Our embroidered custom patches can be produced with either an iron-on backing or a non-adhesive backing, with a choice of colours to make sure your designs are 100% right for your shop.

Create great patches with our handy how to make patches guide!

If you’re thinking of adding embroidered patches to your store, there are plenty of ways that they can be used. Here are some of our most common patch requests!

Charity Patches

We’ve had tons of requests from charities looking to get patches made for supporters of their cause. An embroidered patch with the charity logo, mascot or date of an important fundraising event is a great addition to any charity store and there’s the added bonus of proceeds going to help the cause.

School Teams

Schools, colleges and nurseries can all show off their pride with patches that celebrate school houses, end of year accomplishments or sports teams. These patches look great when utilising school colours or logos and parents will appreciate being able to show their support! 

Work Uniforms

One of the more traditional uses for iron-on patches is work uniforms. Emergency services, security services and trade companies have all taken advantage of our custom patch service, creating patches that display company logos and the employee name or rank on uniforms. 

Travel Groups

What better way to show where in the world you’ve visited than with patches showcasing each country? Explorers can build up a collection of patches of all of their destinations that look fantastic attached to their trusty travel backpack. 

Unique Designs

If you are an artist looking for new ways to showcase your designs, an embroidered patch is a great choice. If you sell your wares on platforms like Etsy, you will find plenty of customers looking for new ways to decorate their jackets, bags or clothing and a standout design is just want they need! In a world where everyone is looking to add their own flair to their outfits, a niche patch design is a great option. 

Band Merchandise

Add something new to your band merch table with iron-on patches that depict your band logo, album cover or new artwork. Rock fans, in particular, are always on the lookout for something new to add to their battle jackets so aim for designs that really stand out against the classics - who doesn’t want to see their band logo next to Metallica or Slayer?

As one of the most versatile customisable products, embroidered patches are a fantastic choice for any store, club, workplace or organisation. Let us help you bring your designs to life today, get in touch about getting started on your patches today.

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